When a child falls behind in reading age 11 it affects them for life.

Give £25 to unlock a world of opportunity for a child struggling to read.

This Christmas we’re focusing part of our appeal on Coram’s work supporting children with one of the key building blocks of life; reading.  

In this instance that’s Jacob, who was struggling to read, which was affecting his confidence in class and overall ability to learn. Often teased by other children, it was also affecting his ability to make friends too. 

When a child falls behind in reading by the age of 11, the impact can affect them for the rest of their lives. Their wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem are impacted, their opportunities in education are severely diminished and their job prospects are negatively affected. 

Through weekly 30 minute sessions with children like Jacob, our Coram Beanstalk volunteer readers provide a relaxed environment for a child in need, getting to know them and giving them that little bit of extra space they need to test their reading abilities. 

Our team have been able to give Jacob that space and time. His confidence has grown and so has his ability to read, not to mention his performance in class. He has been given the love and opportunity he needed to thrive.  

So thank you for supporting our appeal with £25 or whatever you can afford.  You will be changing the lives of children in need just like Jacob.

To find out more about Coram and the work we do to support children across the journey of infancy to independence then visit www.coram.org.uk

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