Coram supported more than 7,600 children and young people directly last year.

This Christmas please give £25 to help us change the life of a homeless child.

This Christmas we’re focusing our appeal on Coram’s work to support children at risk of homelessness. 

In this instance that’s Ella, who at just 16, became homeless. Fleeing violence and abuse, Ella felt she had no choice but to leave home, but because she had done so the local authority refused to support her saying it had been her decision to leave. After sofa surfing and often sleeping rough, it was only because she called Coram Voice’s ‘specialist homeless outreach service that she was able to get off the streets.

Our team were able to champion her rights with the local authority, who had turned her down, and she is now in care with a safe and secure home. She has the love and opportunity most of us take for granted.  

So thank you for supporting our appeal with £25 or whatever you can afford.  You will be changing the life of a child in need like Ella.

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